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IT Recruiter w/ Expertise in JAVA 
"Stay hungry, Stay foolish"-Steve Jobs

At BTP TechSearch, We have provided talent and filled entire development teams for Fortune 500 companies and emerging start-ups. We know that you decide who you choose to work with.

I am sure you work with some of the largest recruiting firms in the world. That's fine we enjoy competition. However, its important to note that your company or you as a candidate, are just a number to those firms. My team and I, will run through brick walls for you provided the opportunity.

You know what it takes to recruit and place top IT talent; it takes being fearless. All I need is one chance and you will not be disappointed. If I do disappoint then you are welcome to fire me. If you provide me the opportunity, you will not get the chance.

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BTP Tech Search is a leading provider of IT staffing and we place all levels of IT professionals in application development, technical support positions and management. We can provide staffing services for IT professionals in temporary and project opportunities, as well as temporary-to-permanent and permanent positions. 

Regarding permanent positions we can work with your organization. Either on a Contingency or Retained capacity. My team has a 100% success rate on all retained assignments. In todays competitive Information Technology landscape, only 11 percent of IT executives said they have a “robust” talent acquisition pipeline. This according to a recent survey of 133 IT executives conducted by the CIO Executive Council (CEC). 

That’s a big problem in an increasingly competitive talent market, where corporate IT shops compete not only with each other for talent but also with cloud vendors and Silicon Valley.  There are currently over 500,000 software developer job openings in the U.S. today and there will be over 20 million jobs in software and tech related jobs in the next 20 years. The demand for software developers is expected to grow about 17% per year through the year 2024.  

In a constantly changing recruiting world, if you aren't actively engaging recruiters and saying no to new agencies, you are not looking out for yourself, or your companies best interest. I am a IT Recruiter with 13 plus years of experience who owns and operates an Executive Search Firm based in Coral Springs, FL. 
BTP Tech Search was founded by top Account Executives from a major global search firm with over 1,000 global offices. We are located in Coral Springs, FL and service markets nationwide. Our staff has knowledge and expertise of the full Software Development Life Cycle. We have a broad client base ranging from small and mid sized to Fortune 500 companies. 

We achieve our results by working directly with Decision makers, gathering critical requirements and contacting passive technology talent from the competitive landscape. Our team understands the challenges involved with finding and selecting the ideal individual to join your organization. 

We also recognize the candidate’s desire to find the right position with the right company. It takes time and resources to assess and select the top talent, and in the meantime, your productivity is negatively impacted by open positions. We know that open positions affect productivity and morale. Time and resources are expended in the search for the right candidate.


We can help your organization by speeding the search process and providing quality pre-screened candidates who are actually available. We are dedicated to helping our clients make the best possible hiring decisions. 

What We Do

Conducting an extensive search on your own is an all-consuming task that distracts your organization from what it does best. A successful search project requires specific knowledge and resources as well as huge quantities of time. At BTP TechSearch LLC we have concentrated our years of successful search experience into an exclusive 25 Step Search and Selection Process and 5 part action plan. This logical, structured approach is utilized each time we execute a search project. 


It allows us to tailor the process to address your specific needs and lets us focus all of our energies on building the best candidate selection pool for your particular position. Listening. This is the most important part of the search process. If we don't understand exactly what qualities you seek in a candidate, the search will not produce the desired results. This is why BTP TechSearch LLC concentrates on listening first.


1. Conduct a thorough needs analysis to obtain all the information required to complete a professional search. This includes strategizing on how to attract candidates from your top competitors.

2. Build a profile of the ideal candidate against which we screen potential candidates. On request, we can interview your top-performing employees as part of the screening process. Prepare a written document detailing the ideal profile and a strategy for presenting the opportunity to candidates. Obtain your approval and sign-off.

3. Consult with you on industry compensation standards and construct a compensation model.

4. Assemble a project team and launch marketplace research. Examine direct and indirect competitors as well as identify alternate companies that employ candidates possessing the skills and experience you seek.

5. Submit the list of targeted companies and candidates for your review and approval. Obtain your sign-off.


Here is where BTP TechSearch LLC years of experience provide unmatched value. We have the resources and unique ability to identify and engage the top talent in your marketplace.

6. Conduct comprehensive telephone interviews with candidates using behavioral based questions to ascertain three crucial qualifying factors:

o        Do they have the appropriate background?

o        Are they willing to change jobs for the right opportunity?

o        Do their goals in making a career move align with yours?

7. We can conduct face-to-face interviews with potential candidates or interview them via video conferencing.

8. Present a short list of highly qualified candidates who have successfully passed the screening process.

9. Submit the resumes and summaries from qualifying interviews with selected candidates.

In this step you determine if we have a match. By this point BTP TechSearch LLC has significantly increased the potential for success by understanding your needs, screening candidates against that criteria and presenting those candidates who best match your requirements.

10.   Arrange and coordinate the initial interview between you and the candidate. This interview may be by telephone, face-to-face or videoconferencing at your direction.

11.   Prepare the candidate for the initial interview including briefing them on the agenda, your priorities and expectations.

12.   Prepare you for the initial interview drawing attention to the candidates particular goals and aspirations.

13.   Debrief with the candidate following the interview and capture their initial thoughts and concerns.

14.   Debrief with you and discuss preliminary conclusions. Professionally release any candidates not selected to continue in the process.

15.   Arrange and coordinate second interviews and discuss particular areas of concern.

16.   Debrief with both you and the candidates following the second interviews. Professionally release any candidates not selected to continue in the process.

17.   Conduct professional reference checks and provide written summaries of those interviews.

Experience makes all the difference. Our years of experience managing delicate negotiations will add tremendous value and help you avoid costly pitfalls. Our goal is to create a win-win outcome for both you and your candidate of choice.

18.   Verify earnings and negotiate a win-win compensation package.

19.   If desired, provide educational verification, credit history, motor vehicle records, drug testing and other appropriate background checks.

20.   Communicate verbal offer of employment to the candidate of choice to help ensure acceptance.

21.   Consult with the candidate and resolve resignation and counteroffer issues.

22.   Confirm the start date and obtain written confirmation from the candidate

It's not over until it starts! The period between acceptance of an offer and the start date is a critical time for a new employee and it's important they remain connected to the new company during their transition phase. This is also when BTP TechSearch LLC. conducts our post search debriefing protocol to evaluate the completed search and results.

23.   Remain in contact with you and the candidate through the start date and initial days of employment. Experience has shown that this is a vulnerable time for candidates in transition and we work to keep them connected and comfortable with their decision.

24.   Conduct a conclusion interview with you to ensure the project was completed to your satisfaction.

25.   If acceptable, request a reference letter and permission to use your name for reference purposes.

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